White Zulu

woza, woza Mabhengwane!

Wamukelekile! Welcome!

Welcome to White Zulu – a blog by a polyglot with a grounding in English and isiZulu. Yes, I have pale skin, but I grew up in Zululand and have devoted much of my life to understanding and teaching the language and culture of the amaZulu.

To find out more about me, and this blog, go here.

To read some general musings, check out incwadinsuku/blog.

If you’re keen to understand isiZulu’s vast wealth of proverbs and idiom, then this is the page to go to.

If you’re wanting to follow a ‘word-route’ or umbhudulo, start here.

If you’re interested in linguistics ngesiZulu, this is where to go.

To find out about my idiosyncratic view of the Zulu Noun-Classes, check this out.

Also, click on the drop-down menu at the top of the page to access recent posts and search for specific articles.

I hope you enjoy – feel free to comment, and to request specific blogs or topics as you wish.

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