White Zulu

woza, woza Mabhengwane!

iziGaba zamaBizo

I am on a quest – to define and refine and redefine the inclusion criteria for each of the iziGaba zamaBizo (Noun Classes) of isiZulu. As such, I will be writing sections on each of them, looking at their different inhabitants. Please be aware that this is my personal interpretation of them – not Meinhof’s, or Doke’s, or Nyembezi’s.

To begin with, here is an overview of the Noun Classes. Below is a list of them, which has some links to blogs illustrating the practical(ish) implications of them.

amaBizo esiGaba sabaNtu – Human Noun Class

amaBizo esiGaba semiThi nemiFula – Simple Solid Noun Class

amaBizo esiGaba seLanga namaNzi – Simple Fluid Noun Class

amaBizo esiGaba sesAndla neziKhumba nesiNtu – Complex Solid Noun Class

amaBizo esiGaba sezinKomo neziNyanga – Seasonal Noun Class

amaBizo esiGaba soluJu noThando neziNwabu – Complex Fluid Noun Class

amaBizo esiGaba soBuntu nobuBi noTshwala – Essential Noun Class

amaBizo esiGaba sokuDla nokuBa nokwEnza – Verbal Noun Class


7 thoughts on “iziGaba zamaBizo

  1. Hey!
    I’m doing a project on ideophones and sound symbolism in Zulu,
    I was wondering whether you had any recordings or anything, would be a great help!


    1. Hi there! Yes, I have quite a bit of stuff. I assume you’ve seen the Ideophones section in Doke’s Handbook of Zulu Grammar? It’s awesome. I can send it to you, although you’ll need dropbox.


  2. Hey! Yes, I’ve read that section of Doke’s handbook of Zulu grammar. Thank you for that! Do you think you could send me some recordings? I’d be very grateful!!


  3. actually… if you could send me that section doke’s grammar then that would be great, someone else has taken it out of the library so i can’t get hold of it! My name is emily franklin, my e-mail is 535977@soas.ac.uk


  4. Hi can someone send me Doke’s,Meinhof,Canonic and Mathonsi’s handbook i have a assignment to submit monday the 29th February please


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