I posted this on FB recently, and there has been some debate. I offer it now to the wider internet. Let me know what you think.

votela ukunqoba i-johannesburg

Um, in my humble opinion there are a few issues with this poster.

1. I-Johannesburg isn’t a thing. I know that you might be meaning to say ‘Johannesburg Metro’, but it’s still not a thing. There are many ways of naming this city ngesiZulu, but that’s not one of them.

2. Ukunqoba = to defeat or overpower something, or to win over something, or gain victory over something. As in the ANC posters for the Siyanqoba Rally at Ellis Park, or (more bizarrely, the IFP adverts in today’s Isolezwe).

3. Not using a locative after nqoba means that i-Johannesburg is the object of that verb, i.e. ‘Vote to defeat Johannesburg’. If you were to use the locative it would mean ‘vote to win in Johannesburg’.

Any representatives of the blue house care to comment?