Ahead of me lie two main paths. One leads one way, while the other leads off in a totally different direction.

I have a feeling that these two paths will lead to two completely different existences. Parallel but altered realities.

I look behind me, and see how the things I’ve decided in the past have created a knotted and twisting tapestry across nearly three decades of life. I see the confluences, the labyrinthine twistings and the broad straight highways. I see the places I have gone to and returned from, the people I have loved and despised, the loved ones that are lost, the things that I have done and not done and left undone.

I look around me, and see all the things that make up my life. I see all of my people around me, my clients and friends and family, my stories and histories and little everyday rituals.

I am aware that many, if not most, of the everyday things I love so much now will remain the same. But I am also aware of the fact that, while I may have a chance to reclaim things I lose by this way-taking at some later stage, salvaging remembered ideas and courses of action by dredging through notebooks and archived folders, there will be things that I will have to put to one side.

Both paths take me forward. Both hold interest. Both have their pros and their cons.

The end of this day will be the moment for taking the path I choose. 12 hours.