This is a moon with three names – uMandulo, uMpande & iSokanqangi. 

andula – the herald, the harbinger, the rituals to bring about fertility, the kites wheeling like whirlwinds in the sky.

this name was adopted after the accession of uMpande to the throne, as an isihlonipho. 

Before Cetshwayo’s father, youngest son of uSenzangakhona, acceded to the throne, this was the moon of the izimpande, the roots with the golden flowers in the undershrubs of the deep forest. 

And then it is also called i(li)sokanqangi, the first lover taken in one’s youth, the principal or senior wife, the eldest & first-born in a homestead, the long-proscribed tradition of circumcision among the amaZulu living a half-life through the word for a lover. 

This is the second month of the lunar calendar. Where European languages denote the 1st of September as Spring, as the new beginning, the amaZulu see the beginning in the first greening of the grass in August. If you’ve only noticed it’s a new year now, then sorry for you. 

Sebefikile onhloyile ezulwini, bakwethu.