There’s just too much to write about this week. I’ve looked over my Twitter TL, glanced through my notes from the week, and cast my mind back over my lessons – and there are so many avenues to explore.

I could talk about the bad joke that started the week – “Dalindyebo, Mbeki and Magashule walk into a bar…” – but I won’t.

I could write about Julius, but the bad taste would spoil my Friday.

I’m absolutely not going to contribute to the mass of articles and blogs and stories about Madiba. Yes, I’ve met him a few times. Yes, I respect him deeply. And it’s because of that respect that I’m going to leave him alone.

So I look over my 2 new discoveries this week – learning the shoreshim (roots) for 23 Hebrew verbs with Mr Thursday Morning (in exchange for 23 isiZulu equivalents), and realising the metaphor underlying the isi- noun class. I need to pick just one.

So here goes – this week I learnt how to create and kill a Golem. I learnt the letters to write on its forehead, and which one to erase – like the ‘kill switch’ of sci-fi androids.

I learnt that the word for truth, ’emet’ or Aleph-Mem-Tav, is what you write on the forehead of your golem – and that ‘the truth stands on its own’ because all three letters are balanced on the line when writing it (in contrast with the word for ‘lies’, which is ‘sheqer’ or Shin-Qoph-Resh, which three letters either dip below the line or only stand on one leg). The three letters are also, incidentally, numbers 1, 14 and 22 of the Hebrew alphabet – so truth also spans everything equally.

I learnt that the shoresh of the Hebrew verb for ‘die’ is M-T, and that this is irregular, since most shoreshim are triliteral.

If you erase the Aleph of ’emet’, you are left with ‘met’ – and so your Golem dies.

Thanks to Mr Thursday-morning, aka Paul Berkowitz, for enlarging my mind a bit this week. You’re going to have to start charging!