Since this blog’s been up and running for a little while now, I think it’s about time I tweaked things a bit. So here goes…

Broadly speaking, from now on you can expect at least three different things to be published here each week:

imibhudulo: formerly known as ‘word routes’, these entries follow the trails left by the stems of words as they make their way through isiZulu, looking at the way that the meaning of a word is extended and fashioned according to set paths already existing in the language

incwadinsuku: a personal response to current affairs and trends, or simply to the constantly mutating dimensions and nature of my work as a linguist

izinkumbulo: descriptions from memory, of places and people and stories from my 3 decades on this planet, in isiZulu and English.

So look out for them! I’ll be publishing these on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday – and I will also be publishing in between, when the mood takes me!