Wednesday morning, 15 minutes free in the middle of it, and the following pops into my inbox:

I require a 30 word document translated from Zulu to English

Are you available?

Yes, I’m available. By when do you need it?

We require it in the next few hours

the cost would be negligible – 15ZAR. I am happy to do it, though.

Do you accept paypal?

In this instance, I wouldn’t charge. It’s an interesting translation. I’m almost finished it.


Here is the translation:

The payment of the bride-price by {man’s full name} at the {woman’s family’s} houshold in Soweto’s Chiawela area on the day of the {insert date here}

Those present were the following:
{a list of seven signatures}

There was a mutual agreement to the price of 18 cattle.

13 cattle were taken out.

{here follow 7 signatures, 3 accompanied by the names of the signatories, 3 by the date, and 1 on its own}
{here follows a telephone number}

End of translation.

This has been received

Many thanks

We will be in touch if we require your services again