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Isikhova isisilwane esiphila ebusuku, esizingela namehlo alandela izindlebe ezicosha umsindwana ozo veza izilwane ezi phuma sekuhlwile.

Sidalwe nobuhlakana olungapezu’kwezinye izilwane.

Abadala bathe simela abaphansi ngoba ima sikhala kungathi kumemezana amadlozi noma amandiki.

Ngqungqulu ‘dla madoda

Translation by Cullen Mackenzie >

The owl is a creature that lives at night, that hunts with its eyes following and its ears gathering up stray pieces of small sounds which show the position of animals that come out once the sun has set.

It was created with cunning that is greater than the other animals.

The old people say that the owl represents the ancestors because when it cries it can be said that the amadlozi and the amandiki are being summoned together.

uNgqungqulu ‘dla madoda (the man-eating Bateleur Eagle, Terathopius Caudatus)

note:I had forgotten that another one of my father’s izithakazelo is uNgqungqulu, the Bateleur Eagle. I think this may be a reference to colouring (see pictures), but it could also be something to do with character – isingqungqu is a shy or retiring person, and ingqungqu is (inexplicably) “a tuft of soft hair” or “a humming”, “a noise of deep distant music”, “a rattle (as of distant machine-gun fire)”. I will ask him.