This morning, listening to uKhozi as usual on my way to work, I heard the latest incarnation of the ‘No Limits’ adverts for Telkom.

And it’s worse. I didn’t think it could be, but it is.

It seems that, in their effort to cling to the English phrase ‘No Limits’, they’ve found another word to replace the contradictions of ‘imigomo’ used in the previous incarnation. This word is izibopho.

Now the reason why it’s not the same to say ‘talk without limits’ as it is to say ‘khuluma ngaphandle kwezibopho’ is the following – izibopho means ‘responsibilities’, ‘obligations’ and ‘duties’. It means, literally, ‘the things that tie down’, the ‘things that bind’.

So now you’re saying that people with CONTRACTS with your company will be able to talk without any kind of binding (agreement)? Or is it a reference to the fact that izibopho can also be ‘handcuffs’?

I give up. Weee nana!