Example from lesson with Josh –

I parsed this as follows:

The root of this predicative interrogative sentence is the following:
THI, an irregular verb denoting to Say, Speak or Mean.

Reading the particles of the verb as it is expressed, the following is the combined meaning:

Translated as:
What would you have said in this instance?

It’s a thoroughly beautiful phrase, especially when one considers the fact that any -bu- sound that early in a predicative reminds the hearer of the abstract Noun Class, characterized by nouns such as ubuntu and ububi.

Another predicative interrogative from the lesson with Josh –


This presented some interesting parsing too:

You (Remote Past) – you (repetition denoting remoteness or contingency) – can – DO – {subjunctive} – resembling – what?
You could have potentially done something like what?
What would you have done in this instance?

I love this language.