Hi Everyone !

This blog is about my experiences of the language that I grew up with, that formed itself alongside the English of my mother as my father-tongue: the language of heaven, isiZulu.

Here is where you’ll find my reflections on being a bilingual white man in South Africa, as I move between translating, teaching, interacting and working in isiZulu.

If you would like to enquire about the translation or tutoring services I offer, please email me at isikhovacourses@gmail.com.

In terms of translations, I also have separate blogs for these:

Occult Zulu – Occult, weird and magical stories translated from isiZulu newspapers

Political Zulu – Political Stories, Opinions and Letters translated from isiZulu newspapers

Anthro Zulu – Anthropologically Interesting stories, opinions and letters translated from isiZulu newspapers

Education in Zulu – Education-related articles, opinions and letters translated from isiZulu newspapers


Poetic Zulu – Poetry, Short-stories and other Creative snippets translated from isiZulu